What Is Tacori Jewelry?

Even if you haven’t heard of Tacori jewelry, you have definitely seen it. Maybe you’ve caught the coverage of Tacori’s new line with Who What Wear – a range of affordable but beautiful pieces created for a millennial audience. Perhaps you’ve seen one of their pieces featured on The Bachelor or The Bachelorette. Or maybe you’ve glimpsed one of their classic engagement rings sparkling away on a co-worker’s finger, catching the light and dazzling you from across the office.

There’s a good reason Tacori jewelry is everywhere you look: for many American consumers, Tacori jewelry is the first name that pops into your head when you think of engagement rings.

In a classic tale of the American Dream, Tacori was founded by Haig and Gilda Tacorian when they relocated from Europe to Glendale, California in 1969. Since then, the business has carried down the family line, with children and relatives joining the company to bring new artistry and keep the company’s craft secrets. Fittingly, the company’s aim is to create beautiful pieces of jewelry which will become family heirlooms and carry on a legacy. Haig Tacorian is still the Chairman of Tacori, with his son Paul and daughter Nadine as CEO and COO by his side.

But did you know that Tacori originally focused on selling pearls? The company did not expand into selling diamonds until the early 1990s, yet by 2005 Tacori was cemented as a premium brand for bridal wear. Ever since the jewelry line featured on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, the brand has gone from strength to strength and become a household name. Here’s some proof: INDESIGN magazine named Tacori one of the “Top Five most visible brands” for jewelry in 2013.

So, what is it about Tacori jewelry that makes it so special?

Tacori jewelry blends the Tacorian family’s European flair with effortless Californian style. It is famous for its crescent silhouette, handcrafted in California with a blend of artistry and science. The pattern of crescents around the inside of the ring means the diamonds catch the light from every angle, and it makes every ring deeply luxurious and reminiscent of grand European palaces. The crescent silhouette is fiercely protected: to date, the company has launched over thirty lawsuits to protect the trademark. Nadine Tacorian, Tacori COO and Design Director, has said: “What differentiates our product is our Tacori Crescent and that we are handcrafted in California.  The iconic Tacori Crescent set with diamonds on the inner face of rings are unique to Tacori and can’t be duplicated by anyone else.”

Tacori designs are all about passion, artistry, legacy, and uncompromising quality. These core principles are clear across the many collections of stunning engagement rings, as with the custom designs which are available for those wanting something unique. If you’re thinking of popping the question, or simply want a beautiful ring to mark one of life’s special occasions, take a look at the beautiful prices available from Tacori.

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