Ways to Accessorise Suits to Spruce Up Your Look

You want to look good at a formal event, but you don’t want to upstage the people celebrating the event. When you are at a wedding, you need to look great for the ladies out there, but you don’t want to look better than the groom. The key is to find a classic suit, and then find the perfect accessories to spruce up your look.

If you don’t have a suit yet, you can consider made to measure suits. These suits are unique since they reflect your real personality. You decide every detail of the suit. You can tell your tailor what colour you want and what fabric you want to use. You need to head back several times for fitting until your tailor finds the right size for you.

If you approve the final result, you can take it with you and use it for the party. Now that you have a suit, the only thing left to do is find the perfect accessories. Here are some fantastic choices you might want to consider.

Pocket square

You can find a pocket square made of bright colours. It is subtle, but it can make your suit look fun. It does not have to be a perfect match with your tie, but it can complement the necktie. For the pocket square, you can go bold. Use bright colours and patterns. They only cover a tiny part of what you are wearing, so it is not a big deal.

Leather bag

You don’t want to take a big bag to the formal event. You can use a small leather bag though. You can leave your big bag in your car, but you can take a small bag with you into the party if it contains the essentials. Find a bag with a simple design and neutral colour. It will match your wardrobe and make you look smart. However, don’t make the mistake of putting so much inside the bag that it starts to look bulky.

A timepiece

Men’s watches are not only stylish but functional. However, you need to find one that matches what you are wearing. Even if you are health-conscious, avoid wearing a fitness watch at a formal event. Find a watch with a leather strap. The only problem with a watch as an accessory is that it can either elevate your look or make you look unappealing.

Colourful socks

Don’t be afraid to wear colourful socks if you feel that they will enhance your look and make you stand out. You can find a pair of socks that match the colour of your shirt or trousers. The good thing is that these socks are below your trousers. They won’t necessarily attract attention, but if someone sees them up close, they can be a conversation starter.

Metallic necklace

You will look professional but chic when wearing a metallic necklace. It complements your formal outfit. It also seems great for evening parties. If you want to change into casual clothes once the official event is over, the necklace will still work.

Now that you know these tips, you can start mixing and matching your outfit for the event.


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