Piercing Aftercare Procedures – A Must-Know     


piercing appears to be healed before the process of healing is complete. This happens as they heal from the externals face, and even if you really feel fine, the tissue remains fragile. Keep cleaning and you have to be patient throughout the healing entire period.


As a measure of prevention, ask the piercer to not use a gun, instead use a needle. This is because the gun enters with full pressure and causes unnecessary damage to the skin tissue. It is tough to manage tool sterilization with plastic parts. Using a needle is highly recommended as it offer control on accuracy and is totally sterile. It works as a scalpel into the tissue, making you leave to minimal damage. It is a myth there is less hurt with needle piercing when it is done properly.


Piercing aftercare


Be healthy


The body stays hydrated. There is a need for piercing aftercare and it means you must have a healthy diet after piercing. Ensure to avert trauma to the piercing area. In fact, irritations occur due to snagging, bumping or sleeping on the areas done as new piercings.

There is a need to care for fresh piercing. You can wash using water and soap or even saline solution, but avoid rubbing alcohol. The aftercare should be done gently and twice a day. Alcohol should be avoided as the piercing becomes dry and on becoming dry, it bleeds and cracks, making the wound to stay often. Consider buying oil-based soaps, clean the wound and soften the healing tissue.


Create a routine


Prior to touching new piercing, you must wash your hands cleanly with water and soap. Moisten the piercing using clean fingers and slowly clean the area. Rinse the area using warm water. The earring can be turned if it is wet and you can also clean it gently. But, if it does not move and is dry, do not try anything.

You must remember that a cartilage piercing needs more TLC in comparison to the lobe piercing. The cartilage area is temperamental in the healing process. They receive the same feel and are tough to heal.


Keeping an eye towards the healing signs is a must and you must know how long will be the waiting time. Ear lobes take around two to three months to heal, while cartilage takes around 3 to 10 months healing time. Only when it stops swelling, hurting, and secreting fluid, the redness disappears, and it is healed.

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