Are Hair Extensions Ideal If I Have Trichotillomania?

Most people associate hair extensions with women wanting to make shorter hair longer but this isn’t their only function or benefit.

Hair extensions have also become a very popular choice amongst women with thinning hair, including those suffering from Trichotillomania.

Women living with this condition have come accustomed to having thin hair but this doesn’t need to be the case.

Trichotillomania explained

Also known as Trich, Trichotillomania, refers to a disorder where someone has an urge to pull their hair out of their scalp. However, this can even extend to eyelashes, eyebrows and other hairy areas of the body.

This disorder leaves women with patchy, thin hair that eventually starts affecting their self-esteem too.

Is My Hair Not Too Thin for Extensions?

This is a very valid question and the amount of hair that you have will play a role in whether you’re an ideal candidate for hair extensions.

It’s different for every client and a consultation at a professional hair extensions salon is the only way to determine whether extensions are the right option for you. Tape in extensions are one of the best options for women with thinner hair because they are light and because heat is not required to apply the extensions, your existing hair won’t be damaged. In fact, you may even find that the weft creates a protective barrier that will keep your natural hair intact.

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Won’t I Pull the Extensions Out?

Since this is a condition that directly affects your hair, it’s natural to wonder whether you’ll simply end up pulling the hair out of the extension too.

Again, whether or not this is the case will vary between people but in some cases, women with Trich have found that they pull their hair less when they’re wearing extensions. This is mostly because their natural hair is protected by the extension and is harder to get to.

When choosing high quality hair extensions, you will also find that it’s much harder to pull the hairs out of the extension so choosing the right kind of extensions will also go a long way in keeping your extensions in place.

If you’re keen to explore the idea of hair extensions a bit further, it’s best to find a salon that has the right level of experience and a wider selection of hair extensions for you to choose from. During your research, you may also come across hair salons that help women with Trich on a regular basis.

Since you want to make sure that you’re protecting your natural hair, choosing a reputable salon that will install your hair extensions correctly is more important than ever. Over and above that, hair extensions are an investment so you want to be sure that they’re being applied correctly the first time around.